FormCreator v 2.10.1

FormCreator v 2.10.1

New version of popular formcreator for GLPI ready for download on GitHUB.

Bug Fixes

  • bad path for marketplace (9e49a028)
  • keep backward compatibility with GLPI 9.4 (dedde0b5)
  • keep compatibility <ith GLPI 9.4 (b4335c54)
  • marketplace compatibility (again) (1070cb6f)
  • path for marketplace compatibility (1da588e1)
  • unloaded JS library (a71d468e)
  • category: fix SQL error (3470b61e)
  • dropdownfield: compatibility with Tags plugin (c40177a8)
  • filefield: documentt upload with GLPI 9.5 (9658946c)
  • form: entity restrict problem (58a79101)
  • form: incorrect font on add target link (4880b95f)
  • form: version comparison for export / import (d9dff6cb)
  • issue: load tinymce (820bd7ac)
  • issue: possible SQL error (0688d13c)
  • issue: self service is able to reopen a closed issue / ticket (f483ddbb)
  • issue: ticket status when approval request is used (d9b46773)
  • targetticket,targetcategory: category question not properly set on display (5fb8fd4b)
  • targetticket,targetchange: avoid possible PHP warning (eb312921)
  • targetticket,targetchange: covnert question ID into UUID for export of target settings (a17e4590)
  • targetticket,targetchange: dynamic entity computation may fail (85b1e76b)
  • targetticket,targetchange: missing update of question ID in targets (5ecb8283)
  • targetticket,targetchange: specific tags not applicable (b2330387)
  • targetticket,targetchange: unsaved question ID for tags from question, restore multiple choice (ae3188ab)
  • textareafield: tinymce may be 0px height (3f1c262b)
  • wizard: impersonation exists in GLPI 9.5 only (eb6f43e0)

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