UX / UI customization in the ticket handling module by 99NET

UX / UI customization in the ticket handling module by 99NET

For the last 6 months, 99NET has closely watched customers while working with the ticketing system.

With consultation with partners and key customers, we identified the most important elements for improvement.

We added new options, shortened the paths to reach the most important functions, improved the visibility of important icons in the ticket handling window.

We strive to make working with system more pleasant and simple.

The changes and corrections will be especially appreciated by Help Desk employees and Managers of the ticket queue.

Each modification is dictated by the requirements of everyday life. Each correction saves the operator’s time and nerves.

At 99NET, we not only measure customer satisfaction, but also work towards operator satisfaction.

Understanding the difference between UX and UI is essential, but since both types of design are closely related, they are often confused as well.

UX designers (User Experience Designers) are people responsible for designing the way the user will later use the application. They do not think about such detailed things as the graphical interface, colors or typography, but about how the user will navigate between successive screens of the application and what options should be available within these screens.

UI designers (User Interface Designers) are responsible for translating raw prototypes into a visual form that the user will ultimately see while using the product. The work of a UI designer requires practice and knowledge of the impact of color, typography and layout on product conversion.

We identified the key elements for fixes and redesigned the most important ones.

This results in changes such as:

Quick selection buttons

Our research has shown that a typical reporting system operator searches for some of the modules that it needs most. We added them in the form of buttons on the front.

  • add a ticket
  • list of requests
  • projects
  • calendar
  • knowledge base
  • alerts

Visual management of the ticket queue

To facilitate the visual management of the queue of applications, we have added a graphical representation of the priority level, colored tags and status icons.

Assigning a ticket to yourself

In environments with a large volume of reports, we have identified the need to quickly assign a report to ourselves. No unnecessary clicks to the editing level. Saving clicks and operator time. We have introduced the option of assigning a declaration directly from the general queue. Both for the applicant and the executor.

in the ticket edition, we changed the layout and size of the assignment icons

Quick info about the applicant

The operator needs quick access to customer data. Thanks to the changes, we get a faster preview. We maintain consistency in access to information in a specific zone of the ticket editing window.

However, if a user without an account appears, we can quickly add users to the list by clicking on the plus sign next to the email address.

Fast switch to the entity

When verifying a customer, it is important to be able to quickly switch to its entity (for data update).

It is facilitated by the function of quick transition to entity edition from the level of an open ticket.

Changing the place of switching the entity

Searching and switching the unit is now faster thanks to the transfer of this functionality to the foreground of the ticket editing window.

Task protocol

This is a new functionality for creating documentation on task implementation in PDF format. In addition, we’ve added a larger private message icon and the ability to delete a task or message without the need to edit it first.

Operating buttons

Larger and clearer operating buttons in the ticket edition for the operator’s comfort.

Communication to user groups via alert module

We took care of simple and effective communication to user groups. Not only by the visibility of the message on the front of the system, but also by collective e-mail notifications to groups. Especially important in notifications about updates, crashes, etc.

The invisible part has been sewn into the system code, significantly accelerating its operation.

  • we added new functional plugins
  • We have added new communication paths
  • numerous changes to icon sizes and redirects
  • a new channel for notifications and mass mailing
  • visual change of the login window
  • making phone calls with call archiving
  • integration with Zabbix and Bitrix24
  • task integration with the Timesheet module
  • known bugs and bugs fixed