IT environment with CMDB

See the bigger picture with CMDB
Make IT Asset Management easier by maintaining a complete repository of your IT assets and gain the decision-making power to improve the quality and performance of your IT services.

Visualize service and assets relationships
Graphically see the keys relationships between the physical and virtual components of your IT services, organizations, and people.

Foresee the impact
Understand how changes in your infrastructure may affect IT services and business processes, giving you the insight to make informed decisions and avoid costly downtime.

Focus on the important stuff
Let the automation to do the heavy work. The detailed information about your IT assets is automatically collected and consolidated in the integrated Configuration Management Database. It provides and incredible source of information for supporting daily operations and making strategic decisions.

What is CMDB?

A CMDB stores not only the details of your CIs, but also every detail about their physical and logical dependencies. This helps predict the scope and impact of changes and improve both the quality of your IT services and the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Knowing your IT infrastructure is not enough. To make informed decisions, you need to understand the relationship between all components of your IT system and be able to track their relations in real-time. ITIL calls these IT components “configuration items” (CIs) and suggests to maintain the information about them in a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).