Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) platform gives you complete visibility and control of your assets. It helps you track and manage assets throughout their lifecycle more efficiently with IT workflows that work as you see fit. GLPI tracks all history details of hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycles with almost no limitations.

Automatic IT asset discovery
On-demand and periodic network scans detect servers, PCs, laptops, and other networked equipment on the LAN. Information about software installed software is automatically collected and consolidated for complete oversight at a moment’s notice.

Turn chaos into order with GLPI Software Asset Management (SAM)
We will provide you with the support for Software Asset Management solution for your organization.

Automatically scan all computers across your organization to gather a complete software inventory in a matter of minutes
Keep information about all your software assets in one place
Obtain a full list of discovered software installations with their location and license information captured
Be aware when applications are installed, updated, or removed. Check who owns affected computers and how this aligns with their needs and role
Detect unapproved software and mitigate shadow IT risks

Lower software licensing costs
Companies like yours use our Software Asset Management approach to take control of assets and cut licensing cost

Know exactly how much you spend on software licenses and services.
Identify unnecessary costs and avoid the unnecessary investment in software assets you do not use.
Reduce overlapping software products, performing much the same function, and replace them with consolidated solutions, without sacrificing functionality.
Optimize license use and advance to the SAM licensing models that suit you best.
Track license expiration and renewal dates for effective renewal management.

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