The GLPI community project started in 2003 and was led by the INDEPNET association led by Julien Dombre, Jean-Mathieu Doléans and Bazile Lebeau.

Over the years, GLPI has been increasingly used by communities and companies, creating a real need for professional services related to this solution. As INDEPNET did not intend to offer services for this software, in 2008 it established a network of partners to achieve various goals:

The first goal was to build an ecosystem in which partners could participate in the GLPI project. Second, partners financially supported the association to ensure the necessary software evolution. Finally, this ecosystem guarantees users who wish it to provide services over a known and identified network, directly connected to INDEPNET.

In 2015, french company Teclib ‘becomes official editor to integrate software.

In the summer of 2015, the GLPI community leaders decided to transfer the Road Map management and development direction to Teclib, which thus becomes the publisher of the GLPI solution, guaranteeing software research and development.

The code is licensed under the GPL and remains open-ended. GLPI is constantly evolving thanks to the collaboration of users and professionals, as well as the commitment of the publisher.

Software development

GLPI Project is an open source community based on the cooperation of programmers and IT experts who combine their knowledge to develop GLPI software. This collaboration is accomplished in different ways: by installing and using GLPI, testing GLPI, submitting updates, participating in documentation or translations, requesting new features.

Source: Wikipedia