Premium and commercial support

With the new year 2022, the premium content program GLPI Connect was introduced to the system users.

Entries dedicated to clients, partners and people who are serious about working with the GLPI system. Articles are prepared by practitioners, administrators and programmers who have been involved in working with the system for many years.

A donations as part of premium articles allows us to develop new functionalities, conduct free presentations or write plugins. We are happy to share our works for you in the next articles of our blog.

Your support is real help for our programmers, analysts and project coordinators.

Premium articles

$ 66 6 months
  • access for 6 months
  • for coaches
  • for professionals
  • for consultants
  • premium content
  • optimization
  • custom configurations
  • quality articles

Premium download

$ 11 download
  • per download
  • for coaches
  • for professionals
  • for consultants
  • premium content
  • optimization
  • exclusive plugins
  • custom updates


Premium package benefits

Demand more be the first. Paid content for you is an invaluable source of new information. Popular and proven work scenarios, solutions to problems and important fixes. You don’t need to search the internet anymore.

Do you serve companies in the field of GLPI? Great, this is another source of information for you that you can then turn into a favorable invoice.

Proprietary solutions and functionalities implemented by 99NET and Partners. We provide selected functional solutions and corrections. We listen to your needs and try to meet them. Each of our training courses is a large resource of topics to describe.

The quality of the article at the highest level. Graphics, diagrams, video reports and recordings of solutions. It sometimes takes about 8 hours of life to write an article.

A paid subscription is a new benefit of having the customer status in the GLPI Connect network. Including: free tickets to events and conferences, discounts on training and cooperation opportunities. If you have a problem working with GLPI, write to us. We will prepare consultations and describe the solution.

The paid download area gives you access to proprietary plugins and functionalities. Thanks to the subsidy for the paid download zone, you support designers and programmers working on new functionalities.

Thank you for being with us.