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GLPI has countless possibilities for inventorying resources, while being clear and simple. GLPI is an excellent Help Desk tool. In a simple and accessible way, manage tickets and monitor the process and time of execution. Find out more about your clients and their problems. GLPI is an essential tool for Service Desk teams and IT professionals.

If you don’t measure, you don’t manage. The system allows you to analyze the collected data in the form of built-in filters and predefined reports. The form of presentation is accessible and perfectly reflects the image and trends of the collected information.

GLPI Project is an incredible ITSM software tool that helps you plan and manage IT changes in an easy way, solve problems efficiently when they emerge and allow you to gain legitimate control over your company’s IT budget, and expenses.




Incident Management
Restore services faster and reduce downtime with smart routing and advanced workflow automation.

Problem Management
Determine and investigate the root cause of the problems and prevent future issues in advance.

Change Management
Control changes in your environment, predict their impact and plan them accordingly for minimal service downtime.

Service Catalog
Optimize service delivery, reduce costs, and improve user experience by showcasing the available IT services.

Request Management
Save time, reduce efforts, and enforce consistency by automating and optimizing the process of requesting and provisioning of IT assets and services.

Service Level Management
Secure timely service delivery and increase customer satisfaction. Design, build, monitor SLAs throughout their lifecycle.

Build a complete repository of your IT assets and services. Gain the decision-making power to improve the quality and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Project Management
Plan projects, manage tasks, track progress, and relate projects with incidents, requests, changes, and assets to support and deliver better IT services.

Knowledge Management
Put your team’s expertise into a centralized, searchable knowledge base – a simple, easy to navigate resource for your entire organization.

Enterprise Service Management
Extend ITSM proven best practices to HR, finance, and other departments.

Self-Service Portal
Provide employees with 24×7 access to a centralized resource where they can quickly find the answers they are looking for and request the services they need.

Mobile App GAPP
Manage your incidents and work orders on the move from a single, native mobile app.

Reports and Dashboards
Personalized dashboards and reports give you a detailed insight into your IT processes and key data points.

Work Order Management
Easily manage your work orders from scheduling to assignment and completion.

Automate onboarding and get new employees up to speed faster.

The GLPi Plugin Directory : All the plugins made for GLPi, by the GLPi open-source community.

GLPI 9.5.0 Full DEMO available